Casa Cuarzo

We were born for you

Our history

Casa Cuarzo arose from our family's love of travel and the fondness we have for Zacatecas, its festivals, culture, museums and historic center. Through CASA CUARZO we hope for our people and foreigners alike to come and get to know this beautiful city that has so much to offer as a tourist destination and to have the same affection for it that we have for it.

The name of Casa Cuarzo is inspired by mining, as Zacatecas is a city surrounded by mines,and being one of the most important industries in the state, we decided to honor this important part with quartz. We also take inspiration from home, as we want our guests to always feel at home.

The hotel has 15 rooms named after a quartz which gives us a unique design, so that each time you visit us it is a different experience and when you come back it can be as if it were the first time.

Our location

Tourist references

Fatima Church 3 min (220 m)
Francisco Goitia Museum 3 min (250 m)
Hotel Quinta Real 5 min (350 m)
Alameda Park 11 min (850 m)
Eden mine 13 min (1 km)
Hidalgo Avenue 8 min (700 m)
Calderon Theater 13 min (1 km)
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Zacatecas 14 min (1.1 km)
Rafael Coronel Museum 25 min (1.9 m)
Hill of the Bufa 13 min
Always working

Our commitment

We strive to provide you with the best care, always seeking to cover even the smallest detail so that you feel at home, definitely a place where you will want to be.
We want for each time you visit us to be an entirely new experience so when you come back it feels like the first time.

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